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Walkie Electric Stacker

The Walkie Electric Stacker ideal for short distance goods transport. Particularly suitable for use in area where space is limited, especially in narrow aisles.
Lifting Height
Walkie Pallet Truck
Up to 1.5 ton
Electric Pallet Truck
Up to 3 ton
Walkie Counter Balance Stacker
Up to 3m
Walkie Electric Stacker
Up to 1.5 ton
Up to 3.6m
Electric Stacker
Up to 2.0 ton
Up to 5.5m
Electric Straddle Leg Stacker
Up to 2.0 ton
Up to 5.5m
Walkie Scissor Reach Stacker
Up to 1.4 ton
Up to 4.0m
Reach Stacker
Up to 1.3 ton
Up to 4.5m
Reach Truck
1.6 ton
Up to 7.5m
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