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Hangcha 1.2t C4, 1.4t C4, 1.6t C4, 1.8t C4, 2.0t C4 Reach Truck 

  • This worldwide popular streamlined surface modeling is applied with smooth, beautiful and elegant appearance. 

  • The broad and solid chassis and steady reach mechanism as well as the drive unit that is fixed at center, realize low gravity center and guarantees sufficient stability of the truck 

  • The driving system that is located at the rear part of chassis uses electrical power steering, features low-speed and large torque. Automatic centering function upon starting up and the 360-degree steering mode of standard configuration makes the truck flexible and convenient and allows it to turn easily even in confined spaces. 

  • Operating levers, integrated and all important operating parts are within the reach of the drivers

  • The mast which is optimally designed for wide view avoids obstructing the vision of the operator. 

  • The seat can be adjusted forward and backward, as well as reducing vibrations 

  • The truck body has increased width and height offer larger operating space for the operator 

  • The newly designed overheard guard structure allows the operator to observe the movement of load more clearly. 

  • The fully cover provides easy maintenance for the motor, controller, transmission, braking, and hydraulic systems The battery compartment can be removed forward, so replacement of maintenance work is easy. 



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